German Hotel Management Company

Working with GreenPartner, an Enerit implementation partner, significant savings have been identified in 13 hotels to date managed by a German Hotel Property Management company.  This case study describes how ISO 50001 can be applied in the Hotel Industry and results using Enerit software.

Andrés Fellenberg v.d.Molen is Director & Senior Lead Auditor of GreenPartner (Netherlands  & Chile). Andres has a passion for hotels and is an expert in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency for the hotel industry.  Since the start of his career in the hospitality industry as a guest service agent, Andres has worked in every aspect of hotel operations. This combined with the new emphasis on green certification within the hotel industry, has changed completely his approach to the classical way of managing hotel operations. This new approach, combined with his experience, resulted in the founding of GreenPartner, a company focused solely on green certification for the hotel business and allowing him to share his vision of green hotel operations.

Andres is also Technical Director for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and is a lead auditor, trainer, consultant and implementer for many of the leading hotel and tourism industry sustainability certifications including Green Key Travelife (part of ABTA UK) and EarthCheck.

GreenPartner have recently partnered with Enerit to deliver a unique sustainability and ISO 50001 certification services to the hotel industry. This presentation is a case study presented by Andres on the sustainability and certification process of large hotel property management company in Germany. This includes the challenges with implementing an energy management and sustainability practices across a large portfolio of properties.

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German Hotel Management Company