US DOE Case Study Webinar: Medimmune SEP Experience (recording)

Webinar recording available here. (Taken from email update from the US DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office) The DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office announces the first in a series of case study webinars to highlight the successes of facilities that have achieved Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program certification.   These facilities have fully implemented the ISO 50001 standard and… | Read on »

Enerit presented on ISO 50001 at Industrial Energy Technology Conference hosted by Texas A&M University

Mike Brogan, Enerit CEO presented at the Industrial Energy Technology Conference (IETC 2015).  The presentation concentrated on the ISO 50001 Energy Planning process and why it is important that proper tools are used for carrying out energy review, identifying improvement opportunities and implementing a systematic approach for setting targets and prioritizing energy efficiency projects. Click… | Read on »

Enerit and Energetics co-host webinar on costs and benefits of ISO 50001 and SEP

On October 1 (12 EST/5pm BST), Energetics senior engineer Ridah Sabouni will co-host a free webinar on energy management system implementation. Energy management systems play an essential role in helping commercial buildings and industrial facilities to reduce energy costs, but many companies do not fully understand the costs and benefits of system implementation. This webinar… | Read on »

HARBEC case study states a Key to Success was the “Integration of ISO 50001 into the Enerit software system”

  One of the keys to sucess for HARBEC was the “Integration of ISO 50001 into the Enerit software system”. Three North American industrial plants that recently deployed energy management systems (EnMS) are highlighted in new case studies from the Global Superior Energy Performance (GSEP) Energy Management Working Group. These latest entries in the growing… | Read on »

Enerit presents at IETC 2014 conference in New Orleans

The IETC is hosted by the Energy Systems Laboratory at Texas A&M University and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. It is a one-of-a kind conference featuring a topics important to industrial energy managers, utility experts, government program managers, vendors and others. Enerit, CEO, Paul Monaghan presented at the IETC 2014 recently in New Orleans, USA.  Click… | Read on »

Enerit to Join Forces with The DQS UL Group for an ISO 50001 Webinar

Enerit and the DQS UL Group are delighted to announce collaboration on an educational ISO 50001 webinar entitled ” ISO 50001 is the proven route to continued energy savings – Learn how you can get there quicker! “ The DQS UL Group is one of the world’s leading certification bodies for management systems. Together with… | Read on »

Enerit Features on Euronews

While statistics say flying may be the safest way to travel, it is perhaps not so safe for the environment. Airplanes burn tons of fuel, and, on the ground, each airport consumes as much energy as a small town. Why is that, and can it be changed?  View the below video to find out more… | Read on »

Enerit software supports Harbec’s jump straight to the Top 5 of the US Department of Energy SEP rankings with 16.5% energy savings

Enerit is delighted to announce that Harbec Plastics in Ontario, New York have gained Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification at the platinum level.   Harbec Plastics used Enerit ISO 50001 Manager Pro software to support their effort to jump straight into the Top 5 of the US Department of Energy SEP rankings with 16.5% energy savings…. | Read on »

Why Systems Integration Is Such a Big Problem for Smart Buildings : Greentech Media

The below article entitled  “Why Systems Integration Is Such a Big Problem for Smart Buildings” by Lucid’s Michael Murray on provides a perfect example of how focus can be lost by concentrating on metering and integration, when you could be looking for energy performance improvements! The end result is extra cost and not reduced costs!”    … | Read on »