Enerit and Energetics co-host webinar on costs and benefits of ISO 50001 and SEP

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On October 1 (12 EST/5pm BST), Energetics senior engineer Ridah Sabouni will co-host a free webinar on energy management system implementation. Energy management systems play an essential role in helping commercial buildings and industrial facilities to reduce energy costs, but many companies do not fully understand the costs and benefits of system implementation. This webinar will provide critical information for industrial energy managers, corporate energy or sustainability managers, and state and utility efficiency program managers who are investigating energy management system implementation based on the ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance (SEP) standards.

Sabouni, along with co-host Mike Brogan, the founder and COO of Enerit, will discuss the costs, benefits, and payback of implementing an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 50001–compliant energy management system, based on data collected from U.S. industrial facilities that have received ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification. They will also share strategies and resources for saving time and money on SEP and ISO 50001 implementation.

For more information or to register for the Cost-Reduction Strategies to Implementing ISO 50001 and SEP webinar, click here or contact Ridah Sabouni (rsabouni@energetics.com) or Mike Brogan (mike.brogan@enerit.com).

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