Enerit host webinar with DEKRA Certification on ISO 50001

Webinar: Real Energy Performance Improvement with ISO 50001

Enerit was delighted to join DEKRA and University of Athens for an ISO 50001 webinar. ISO 50001 ensures best practice and enables continual improvement in energy performance.

You can watch a recording of the webinar by clicking on the following link:


Watch Enerit ISO 50001 Webinar June 29th 2016

Learn from ISO 50001 case studies about:

  • Making substantial cost savings through increased energy efficiency.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and enhance your corporate reputation.
  • Integrating with other sustainability management systems (e.g. ISO 14001)
  • Statistical tools and techniques to identify energy savings and demonstrate energy performance improvement.
  • Software to streamline the implementation and maintenance of the energy management system.

Webinar was recorded on 29th June 2016.

The software leads to the automation and implementation of the ISO 50001 standard, and goes beyond completing the standard to allow users to save energy on an on-going basis.
Maurice Ahern , Energy Manager, World’s 1st University to get ISO 50001