Enerit’s EN 16001 software available

Enerit’s software for award-winning energy management is now available as a product that you can buy to run your own energy management programme.

If you manage your energy consumption and costs according to the principles of EN 16001, then Enerit’s software is for you. The same software used in Enerit’s Energy Management Bureau is also used to support the Energy Management Standard EN 16001: 2009.

Organizations with a structured approach to energy management use Enerit’s EN 16001 software to keep control of their energy management system. This leads to continuous reduction in their energy costs.

Enerit’s EN 16001 software can sit alongside systems for ISO 14001; monitoring and targeting (M&T); and corporate energy reporting.

...it pulls all aspects of the standard into ONE manageable package and greatly simplifies the process.
Paul Farrell , Energy Lead, Global Pharmaceutical Company