Enerit ISO 50001 EnMS software officially recognized by BAFA in Germany as an Energy Management System software

Enerit ISO 50001 EnMS software has been officially recognized by the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle – BAFA) in Germany as an Energy Management System software.

Unlike energy monitoring and energy data reporting systems, Enerit ISO 50001 software manages the energy planning and review process, prioritizing of improvement opportunities, action plans, communication and documented information needed for ISO 50001 in a workflow-based solution.

According to Enerit CEO, Dr. Mike Brogan, “We are delighted with this official recognition in Germany where there are the largest number of ISO 50001 certifications. Enerit is focused on cost effective, easy-to-use software to support and ensure organizations ISO 50001 energy management systems are resulting in continued energy performance improvement.”

Enerit software is used by:

  • Large energy using organizations who adopt the ISO 50001 “way of working”
  • Users in industry (e.g. automotive, paper, healthcare, plastics, food & drink)
  • Public/private sector buildings (such as airports, universities, hospitals & banks)
  • World-wide customers: North America; Europe; Asia; Middle-East and Africa
  • Energy Managers and Facility Managers
  • Environmental, Health, Safety & Quality Managers
  • Organizations who want to certify to ISO 50001
  • Organizations who don’t need certification but want to follow best practices
  • Organizations who want to go beyond energy monitoring
  • Organizations who want to upgrade from home-built ISO systems

Enerit ISO 50001 Software helps you:

  • Add ISO 50001 to your ISO 9001/14001 systems, minimizing administration
  • Save staff time during the certification process & maintaining it in the long-term
  • Increase energy savings through excellent organization and teamwork
  • Take the risk out of the ISO 50001 certification process
  • Upgrade from spreadsheets to real workflow, maximizing time efficiency
  • Integrate monitoring systems to generate meaningful management reports

As well as all the management system capabilities that you would expect in an ISO 50001 software (Document Management, Audit & Non-Conformance Management, Meetings & Management Review), our unique energy planning and review functionality supports:

  • Energy Review visualized through integrated Sankey energy flow diagrams
  • Identifying Baselines and EnPIs
  • Capturing & Prioritizing improvement opportunities for easy decision-making
  • Automated assignment of actions with target dates & reminders
  • Management reports including energy and action status dashboard

http://www.bafa.de/DE/Energie/Energieeffizienz/Energiemanagementsysteme/energiemanagementsysteme_node.html (Liste Förderfähiger Software)

Manage all aspects of your ISO 50001 EnMS in a single dashboard.

Enerit overcomes the challenges with implementing an energy management system and sustainability practices across a large portfolio of hotel properties
Andrés Fellenberg v.d.Molen , Director & Senior Lead Auditor – GreenPartner (Netherlands & Chile), German Hotel Management Company