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Why You Should Partner with Enerit in Software for the ISO 50001 Way of Working

Free Webinar    

This 30 minute webinar is for energy management organizations who are considering introducing Enerit ISO 50001 software to their customers.

Partners could be: energy consultants; certification agencies; utilities; government agencies; energy control companies; energy software integrators; other energy software companies and others.

We outline the expected growth of the ISO 50001 standard and why it is being adopted around the world.

The Webinar will briefly describe the Enerit product series that allows your clients to:

  • Implement a systematic approach to Energy management resulting in additional savings over ad-hoc approaches.
  • Focus on proactive management of energy saving opportunities by streamlining administration.
  • Involve all stakeholders to maximise energy saving opportunities and achieving continual improvement of energy performance.
  • And be in a position to attain ISO 50001 certification quickly and with more certainty, if required.

Enerit will outline the five partnership options, and discuss how our model works for different types of partners (seee also our Our Partner page for more information.)

(Potential partners who wish to see a full product demonstration should click here. )

To request a partner webinar, please click here to request a Partner webinar and to discuss how we can help you reach more customers. pulls all aspects of the standard into ONE manageable package and greatly simplifies the process.
Paul Farrell , Energy Lead, Global Pharmaceutical Company