Earning SEP Silver Certification Leads MedImmune to Significant Savings

A recently published case study demonstrates the value that Superior Energy Performance® (SEP™) offers companies in the biopharmaceutical sector. The case study features MedImmune, a global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca. To qualify for SEP, MedImmune set up a robust energy management system at its Gaithersburg, Maryland facility, tracked its energy performance improvement and… | Read on »

Enerit host webinar with DEKRA Certification on ISO 50001

Webinar: Real Energy Performance Improvement with ISO 50001 Enerit was delighted to join DEKRA and University of Athens for a webinar on ISO 50001 which ensures best practice and enables continual improvement in energy performance. You can watch a recording of the webinar by clicking on the following link:   Learn from ISO 50001 case… | Read on »

2016 Energy Management Leadership Awards

The Clean Energy Ministerial is a global forum to promote policies and share best practices in energy management to accelerate the global transition to clean energy. CEM initiatives help reduce emissions, improve energy security, provide energy access, and sustain economic growth. The CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards showcase and share successes and best practices of… | Read on »

The HIT2GAP project has published its first Project Newsletter

The HIT2GAP project has published its first Project Newsletter. The newsletter includes: an introduction to the project and the partners, an interview with Nikos Sakkas the Technical Director of HIT2GAP, a report on the 2nd Project Meeting in San Sebastian, and upcoming events and opportunities. View or download the newsletter here or at our website…. | Read on »

US DOE Case Study Webinar: Medimmune SEP Experience (recording)

Webinar recording available here. (Taken from email update from the US DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office) The DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office announces the first in a series of case study webinars to highlight the successes of facilities that have achieved Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program certification.   These facilities have fully implemented the ISO 50001 standard and… | Read on »

Enerit presented on ISO 50001 at Industrial Energy Technology Conference hosted by Texas A&M University

Mike Brogan, Enerit CEO presented at the Industrial Energy Technology Conference (IETC 2015).  The presentation concentrated on the ISO 50001 Energy Planning process and why it is important that proper tools are used for carrying out energy review, identifying improvement opportunities and implementing a systematic approach for setting targets and prioritizing energy efficiency projects. Click… | Read on »

Are you a Best Practice Energy Manager?

  Many energy managers still continue to carry out energy management using a project based approach and are not achieving all the savings that can be achieved using an ISO 50001 based approach. Project based energy management restricts organisations ability to reduce energy costs through a short term focus on stand-alone energy projects. Best practice… | Read on »

Enerit and Energetics co-host webinar on costs and benefits of ISO 50001 and SEP

On October 1 (12 EST/5pm BST), Energetics senior engineer Ridah Sabouni will co-host a free webinar on energy management system implementation. Energy management systems play an essential role in helping commercial buildings and industrial facilities to reduce energy costs, but many companies do not fully understand the costs and benefits of system implementation. This webinar… | Read on »