Product Update: Enerit ISO 50001 software

The Enerit team is excited to announce the release of our updated Enerit ISO 50001 software. Enerit ISO 50001 software gives you complete coverage of the ISO 50001 standard and converts this energy information into dynamic integrated action plans for your team to work together in driving down energy costs.

Enerit ISO 50001 software - Dashboard Preview

Enerit ISO 50001 software

Key updates to the software include:

New Look and Feel: An entirely new look and feel to the user interface which is built on the pillars of the ISO 50001 standard. Significant changes have been made to the software Dashboard.

Overview Tab: The software now includes an overview tab containing the following items; Current tasks, League tables for multi-locations and specific charts for user needs.

Create New Feature: There is also now a “Create New…” feature within the software which allows users, for example, to create a new improvement opportunity. Improvement Opportunities created are done so under headings relating to the key pillars of ISO 50001 i.e. Plan, Implement, Check etc.

Suggestion Feature: The “Suggestion” feature allows all members of an organization to contribute to the Energy Performance of their organization.

New Look Forms: New improvement Opportunity and Significant energy use forms have been designed with added functionality. Take for instance the “Improvement Opportunity” form which now contains a “Co-benefits” feature. With the Co-benefits feature if you calculate the savings to be made from replacing an old high maintenance lighting system, you can now also record the accompanying benefits of doing so such as lower maintenance costs.

Extended reporting Functionality: The reporting functionality within the software has been vastly extended. The “Export” feature allows data to be exported from the software in excel spreadsheet format. This export function applies to data on significant Energy Uses, Improvement Opportunities, Non- Conformities and Consumption data.

Improved Integration Functionality: Further advancements made to the integration capabilities of the software in relation to Monitoring & Targeting and Building Management Systems.

The images below give you a very quick preview of our updated software. One of our Energy engineers would be more than happy to provide you with demo of our updated software should you so wish. Click on the green button below to request a demo of our Enerit ISO 50001 Software.

To request more information about our Enerit ISO 50001 software or to schedule a demo of our software with one of our energy engineers click here.

Enerit ISO 50001 Software-Charts Preview

Enerit ISO 50001 Software
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Andrés Fellenberg v.d.Molen , Director & Senior Lead Auditor – GreenPartner (Netherlands & Chile), German Hotel Management Company